She crossed through the Europe
From the East to the West,
Jumped over the neighbours into
Germania, call her, or Shland.
The thrill for experience took her to Paris -
Lovers left behind, lovers.

Since then
she can't stop seeing
the Eiffel Towers



Now She is in Holland -
Rolling, and rolling, and rolling...
Where does the wheel roll Us?
Where does the Wind blow?

And wild is the wind,
Wild is the wind...

(Utrecht, 2019)


Born and raised in Moldova.

2012-2016 B.Sc Psychology, TU Dresden
2016-2017 M.Sc Interdisciplinary Approaches in Life Science, CRI Paris

Evolution, communication, animal mind and the intimate knowledge of yourself and nature are frequent themes in my research — through scientific and artistic practice.
My personal works explore innovative methods of self-expression and communication and creatively integrates disciplines, genres and media. Combining research practice with documentary elements, poetry, performances and audio-visual installations, along with interactive interfaces and possibilities for participative exploration - my work examines people's shifting relationship with nature and technology, evolution of human mind and culture, embodiment and function of species within their environment, as well as intraspecies and interspecies communication.

Selected works:


Atelier du Monde learn more

atelier from juncture on Vimeo.

Bette ou Belle / I don't know 2017

cinematic performance and poetry, in collaboration with photographer and poet Theo Jennissen

A cinematic performance and discussion in poetry across cultures and languages about life and spirituality unfolding around the main characters who present themselves as present-day reincarnations of Mariken and Moenen. Two strange companions - a man with a camera (one-eyed devil) and his desperate muse, loosing themselves in the forest of human struggles, prejudices, temptations and realizations. Melodies that echo the snatches of half-forgotten dreams or lives finding their way, recursively, through a multitude of perceptual channels and out in the space between the souls.

trailer by Theo Jennissen (2,5min)

Why not the gods / Ne pensez vous from Theo Jennissen on Vimeo.

Song of Mariken (2017)

cinematic poem and performance with video-projection

Song of Mariken ("Tout les garcons et les filles... ") from juncture on Vimeo.


photography / patterns in nature


Conceptual boudoir / art photography

Drawings, Collage and Mixed Media

Drawings 2016-2018: see more

photo/collage, bg: ESA

"Like an almost extinct bird, she sang to hear a song in responce." mixed media


For more information, contact and questions: info@meer.al