Collage / installations / mixed media

"Sometimes I feel - I am more than just myself

I am the room,
I am carpet and those red curtains
I am all the people I’m surrounded with
And all the people who flash in my mind
I am the tree shivering by the window
My mind is rain, the moon is my heart

And everything what’s been in the past
And all what might come in the future... "

Collage / Mixed Media

"Space embedded in me and I am embedded in space." photo/collage, bg: ESA

"Like an almost extinct bird, she sang to hear a song in responce." mixed media

"Seeing is Sacred" / Installation

on the photos: Miranda Merostoma

"Boxes" / Installation, moving image, poetry

"to those of us,
who never got the chance
to climb a tree..."

boxes_v4 from juncture on Vimeo.

"Fruits of Eden" / Photo-Series

"Luna & Meer" / engl. Moon and World, moving image, poetry

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